Texas in the Civil War

The Civil War is one of the most important wars in the history of the United States. This war divided the states into the Union and Confederate states. The Union were composed of northern states and the Confederate were composed of southern states. The Union was in support of abolishing slavery whereas the Confederate wanted to continue slavery in support of state’s rights which allowed slave owners to take their slaves anywhere they wanted within the United States without having their slaves taken from them. Texas was one of the states in the civil war that was apart of the Confederacy. Texas during the civil war provided a number of resources to the Confederate army to help support their cause.

Texas in the Civil War has a very interesting background. Being a southern state, many of the landowners there did support the use of slavery for use on plantations and in farming. However, initially the governor of Texas during the period leading up to the Civil War, Sam Houston, refused to take an oath of allegiance to the newly formed Confederate states. Thus, he was replaced which allowed Texas to align itself with the Confederacy. Texas officially joined the Confederate States on March 2, 1861.

The state of Texas played a very important role in Confederacy military operations. Texas in the Civil War provided much of the manpower for the Confederate military. Many of the military troops formed in Texas were revered for their fighting abilities. Some of the more popular troops include the Texas Rangers and the Texas Brigade. It should be note that men in Texas enlisted in both the Confederate and the Union army as not everyone in Texas agreed with slavery and the need for state’s rights. Thus, many of the Texas civil war battles as well as battles fought throughout the Confederacy were supported with the aid of Texas resources.