Racists in Our Modern Society

One of the biggest issues of humanity was and still is discrimination or racism.

What is racism actually and how people can fight it?

Racism is the belief that some social or cultural differences of some minorities are explained and due to their biological, hereditary or ethnic differences. Racism is any action, practice or belief based on the concept of race. The concept of race defines the belief that people are divided into separate biological or ethnic categories called races and between these races there are substantial differences regarding intellectual capacity, skills or behavioral characteristics. The concept of race claims that some races are superior to others by birth.

Even after so many wars and legal actions all over the world, racists are still present in the modern society. Racist people rarely change their beliefs, as they are taught to be this way or have different views on the ethnic and cultural diversity for generations. Unfortunately, in the USA, racism is still an issue. Even if it is a stand-up comedy, or a high-rated movie, racist jokes and racist words are almost always present and they usually make a good laugh, but sometimes, people take it too far.

The easiest way and probably the only way to fight racism and discrimination in all of their forms is by providing the proper education in schools, to the future generations and through media. The concept is practically far away in history but still has influences in our present and even if some actions may have great intensity and are widely spread by some organizations, the general acknowledgment is that racists are still causing problems in the modern world. It is a concept that can not easily be diminished but with determination and perseverance, it will be, someday, a solved and forgotten issue.