Music in the Civil War

The American civil war was a time in American history that devastated much of the landscape of American and also many of the families in America. Many families were left without homes and without sons, fathers, and brothers because of the ongoing battles that took the lives of so many. Though battles were fought in both the north and the south many feel as though the south accumulated most of the devastation. The south also had the most devastating after effects of the war including a weakened economy. The Civil war had many causes and among them was the prospect of freeing millions of slaves that had been put to work in the American south (and in the north in some cases). This is seen by many as the primary reason that the war was even waged but the induction of Abraham Lincoln as the president of the US in the first year of the war is seen by many as another major reason the civil war started.

Though there was much loss and pain experienced by many people on both sides of the war effort during the civil war there was an explosion of song as well. Civil war songs are still sung and recognized as good music today in many households around the country. During the civil war’s long 4 years many different songs were created to keep the soldiers uplifted and to egg them on in battle. There were inspirational songs as well as marching songs made during the war effort. African Americans also made a fair number of songs during the civil war. When it comes to African Americans and the civil war, African American songs were called negro spirituals and slave songs by many. Drumbeats during the war told soldiers on both sides what to do and kept them in step at the same time.