The Mason Dixon Line

The Mason Dixon Line is famous as a dividing line in the American civil war. Many civil war battles were fought in the name of this line and what it stood for. The Mason Dixon Line is the point of division between the northern states of the US and the Southern states of the US. This is also seen by many as the line of division between the slave holding states of America and the non slave holding states. The original purpose of the line was to settle property disputes between the southern and northern states of America. The line was mapped by Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon in the 1700s. This line is also seen by many as one of the civil war causes because it not only divided the states but help contribute to the idea of a division of people. This changed the mindset of the northern and southern people in a sense and led to the adoption of the notion of two different countries residing in one.

The civil war arose out of disputes between the political representatives of the southern and northern states of America. These disputes included the subject of slavery as well as the right to take slavery into new territories. While the south was generally for slavery because it was a bringer of wealth to many in the south, the north was generally against slavery and abolished it relatively early on in the nation’s history. Though slavery was not the only reason for the American civil war it was definitely one of the civil war causes. The proposed abolishment of slavery by Abraham Lincoln did much to put the southern states of America into frenzy because of the financial implications of slavery abolishment. This is seen by many as the deciding factor between going to war and not going to war.