The American Civil War

The American Civil War was one of the most horrific wars in the nation’s history encompassing the whole country and taking many lives in the process. The American civil war was also a war that divided the country and pitted brother against brother. As the causes of the civil war had a lot to do with the right to one’s property many people hold the impression that the number one cause of the civil war was the fact that slavery was about to be abolished against the will of many who made a substantial living off of the slave trade. Though this point is argued by many it is important to realize that there were many other causes that led to the eventual war between the people of the north and the people of the south. Some other civil war causes include the induction of Abraham Lincoln into office as the president of the US against the will of many of the southern people and the growing turmoil between the northern and southern people. Many legislation that had been past in years preceding the war led to temporary times of peace between the north and the south but the differences between the political stances of the two areas greatly outweighed the similarities. Many people who died in the American civil war are remembered in areas all across the US.

The civil war is the most talked about war in America and is the war behind many of the war reenactments that take place in America. Many soldiers are honored all over the US in front of courthouse and other buildings. In fact a part of celebrating Black history month is to help keep the memories of the brave black men and women that took part in the civil war and died for their country. There were many soilders and slaves who worked on both sides that fought during the war.