Henry Brown and Civil War

During the times before and during the American Civil War many slaves captured in the American slave trade attempted to free themselves by escaping to the northern states of America where slavery was abolished. Henry Brown was a slave that was born in Virginia to slave parents who escaped to Philadelphia during this time. Henry Brown was a worker at a tobacco factory for much of his life until he was sold to a slave trader in North Carolina The way that Henry Brown escaped to the north is a peculiar one in which he arranged to have someone mail him to Philadelphia. Shortly after Henry Brown was mailed to Philadelphia he began work as an abolitionist speaker and gained a level of fame doing so. Henry Brown’s fame was short lived as he did not keep to himself about his escape methods and thus other slaves could not use the same means to escape. This angered many abolitionists including Frederick Douglass and the NAACP who thought it would have been better for Henry Brown to keep quiet about his method.

The American slave trade presented many obstacles to the prosperity of the black community in Africa as well as in the US. Slaves were treated as less than second class citizens in most cases when slavery was still in place in the southern states of America. After the Civil war and the abolition of slavery, blacks were still treated with a supreme level of disrespect for many decades until sometime after the civil rights movement. During the Civil war and the civil rights movement black people fought for many rights and among these rights were the right to live happily. The Civil war and civil rights movement were seen by many as necessary steps in regards to progress for the African American community.