Confederate Army in Civil War

The Civil War is known as the most important war in American history. The confederate army in the civil war was composed of 11 southern states which fought against the Union army. Understanding how the civil war started is very important for understanding the full impact this particular war had on American history. Many believe that this war was a battle between the northern and southern states over the issue of slavery. The southern states decided to secede from the United States after hearing that the incoming president Abraham Lincoln wanted to abolish slavery. The southern states formed the Confederate States of America.

The confederate army in the civil war consisted of the southern states Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Arkansas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. These states banded together to form the Confederacy to fight the twenty three northern states which formed the Union. The issue of states rights is what begin the dispute between the northern and southern states. Many of the residents of the southern states felt it was their right to take their property throughout the United States without having their property seized. Property included slaves in the south. The dispute over states rights is important to understand more about the civil war. This will bring about a better understanding.

There were many battles fought in the Civil War. However, it was the Battle of Five Forks where the confederate army in the civil war was grossly defeated and caused the fall of the Confederate capital. After this battle it became very apparent to the confederate army that any further fighting would be incredibly futile. Thus, Robert E. Lee, the commander of the Confederate army, surrendered on April 9, 1865 marking the end of the Civil War with many civil war soldiers in the south submitting to defeat.