Colors of Confederacy

The United States Civil War was one of the most influential wars that was fought on the territory of North America. Between the years of 1861 and 1865 states took sides and fought for what they believed was the ultimate right.

These two sides were that of the Union and that of the Confederates. Each side had their own colors to distinguish one another by. The confederate flag adorned the colors that are still on the flag today. There was red, white and blue. The significance of each of these confederate colors has been discussed many times before but here we have a conclusion as what these colors and the design of the confederate flag may mean. Red which has stayed the most predominant color of the confederacy has represented the fearlessness of the confederacy itself. The color white in the flag of the confederacy seems less than any other color but also has a big meaning. White represents purity, whether along with innocence or religion white has come to be a color of peace. Blue is the next color of the flag of the confederacy that comes up. This “bonnie blue” as some may call it has come to take on a meaning of justice and the determination of each and every person. The stars that were placed on the confederate flag were also representative to the number of states belonging to the confederacy. The cross that has been widely seen on the flag of the confederacy is actually handed down from a saint. It is said that the soldiers of the confederacy were inspired by Saint Andrew and adopted the sign of this cross into their symbolisms.

Many men lost their lives in the Civil War that took place in the United States. None of these lives that had been lost were ever lost in vein. Each and every soldier was fighting for what they believed in and some of those same soldiers paid with the ultimate price. Colors don’t seem to matter at the end because each and every person bleeds red.