The American Civil War

The month of February is celebrated as Black History Month every year and the Civil War is seen as a major part of black history that was very important to the development of the black community. The Civil war was one of the bloodiest battles in American and world history and is the point in history when the African American people were freed from slavery for good. This event sparked the beginning of a new found peace between many African Americans and other races but it can also be seen as a point that only increased the fear that white Americans had of an up rise of African American resistance to American government. One of the civil war causes was slavery and the southern right to the property of slaves and their land but there were also many other causes of the civil war as well. Many civil war battles were fought over the possession of slaves but many of the slaves that fought in the actual war were also on the southern side.

Black history month is also a time to celebrate events that had nothing to do with slavery and the civil war as well. The Harlem renaissance was also a point in history that is celebrated during black history month. The Harlem Renaissance was a time of artistic and intellectual explosion within the black community and is hailed as one of the most influential times in American history. In addition to this the civil rights movement was a time that was important in black history because of all the legislation that was change during this period that helped blacks gain a more equal footing with their white counterparts. During this movement many of its leaders were put in danger of their lives because of extremists that did not want equal rights for black Americans.