American Civil War: Features and Preconditions

American Civil War Features and PreconditionsToday the United States is an independent country that is growing rapidly in almost all sectors of the economy. But, of course, it was not always so. The path that the Americans passed for achievement of a stable and perspective position, was really washed in the blood of hundreds of thousands of soldiers killed during the American Civil War.

In a century before the war, the United States came as close to the long-awaited progress in all areas of human activity as possible. George Washington managed to introduce in the country a stable financial system, which ensure the effective functioning of the state due to its cooperation with the people. At that time the country was an almost an ideal of solidarity and mutual assistance. However, apart from this, there were those who prevented the development and distribution of bourgeois social system, which was promoted by northerners. Southern states were actively resisting the changes occurring in the US. The reason for that were slave-owning planters, who were the key figures in those districts.

Lets check the reasons which were the to the start of the Civil War in America from 1861 – to 1865 between North and South.

Preconditions of the American Civil War

Before the American Civil War started, plantation owners had unlimited power over their slaves. The latter, in turn, were forced to live life in the most brutal and unacceptable conditions. Because of such attitude slaves often died from exhaustion, hunger and torture, which were often used as punishment for even minor faults. Each slave owner considered himself a landowner and aristocrat, who had the full right for the above actions. It is known that slaves were mostly Blacks, therefore racist attitudes against this race penetrated virtually into all levels of society. It is safe to say that the southern states before the Civil War in the United States 1861-1865 embodied the political and social center of racism.

The most aggressive political circles of the South set for themselves the main objective of absolute introduction of slavery in the United States economy.

This plantation system based on slave labor, was going through a deep internal crisis, negros-slaves resisted exploitation and put all the forces against its fighting. Along with revolts the typical form of resistance were slaves runaways. To help the fugitives abolitionists came. Productivity of the Negro slaves was extremely low to make them work, each their move was watched by armed overseers.

Due to the use of slave labor slowed implementation technology, machinery, advanced farming techniques. Predatory exploitation of draining the land, making it necessary to continue processing all the new economy areas. Therefore, the slave owners sought to capture new lands to the west and to expand the territory of slavery. This desire was hampered by the resistance of the free population of the northern and north-western states.

The progressive North believed this was at least the brutality against the people. Southerners deliberately held back the development of fair capitalism and in every way opposed to the new currents coming from the other end of the country. As a result, the South separated from the Union, and raised a revolt in order to promote the slavery in the remaining states. Obviously, this was a prerequisite for the Civil War, which was finally unleashed.